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An unfaltering effort to upgrade and modernize the construction of the hotel for introduce comfort and innovations, an extraordinary passion for hospitality since to grow away 40 years characterizes the Park Hotel Perù hotel 3 stars superior in Jesolo lido.
Since 1961 the Di Tos family with continued involvement and sacrifice requires has originated this very nice hotel for years destination of Italian and foreigner families and customer, that in the time affectionate in an amiable treasure with the owners and continuing to attend with affect and preference this elegant hotel continue always feeling comfortable.
Very spacious, stylishly restored and cozy always to vanguard the Park Hotel Perù is a few meters from the beach in front of jesolo lido sea.
The Park Hotel Perù born in the distant 1961 like Hotel Perù always has been property of Di Tos family that has conduct it with passion and love for hotellerie.
Renovations and purchases of plats have enlargement the hotel in the perimeter encircled, in this manner at the original building added one self areas where were build the two nice outdoors pools and a green nice park. Consequently Hotel Peru’ was renamed Park Hotel Perù by the Province of Venice and was realized the big internal and shady parking.

In 1961, year in which began the construction of what was Hotel Peru’,in Jesolo was time of the rapidly growing hotel industry and the touristic history.
Peru’ name , like the name of a State in Central America was chosen by Luigi, the grandfather that with enormous sacrifices of his toil in the jesolo country side in land scraped a humble amount of money and invested a small fortune to build a small hotel that for him and his family represented in those year a great treasure and began the new enterprise.
The name choose for the hotel was easily short and there was an old saying who had a Peru’ had a treasure….
Well for the simple but ambitious man came from the Jesolo campaign the saying suit to a T….
This is the explanation of why was adopted the name Peru’ for the our Hotel.
Lorenzo able and ingenious boy , one of the 4 male sons of Luigi, that aided the construction of the hotel met Anna a brown charming girl who came from a family for a long time in the word receptive and with a restaurant.
The alliance between Lorenzo and Anna was very productive because by joining their strengths and acquaintances together accomplished a project , this nice hotel established and very cozy at the service of the hospitality where a guest is to take in consideration like a friend.

In the 1982 came the two outdoor pools, one big subsequently aimed of Jacuzzi and one smaller for the children.

In the 1992 the hotel was raised by one floor and came the wonderful 8 internal two roomer apartments .In that years was the building of wonderful all around view terrace with solarium at the last floor with breathtaking view where is possible to contemplate High Adriatic Sea in all its immensity and often our guests take a picture memory of their pleasant holiday.
The large internal and external areas many times were the reason that the Park Hotel Perù
3 STARS HOTEL SUPERIOR IN JESOLO LIDO was chosen like a place of hospitality by Italian and foreign cycling team federations that in some GIRO D’ITALIA had competitions to start off Jesolo or Venice steps.
With pleasure remember, only for mention some, the cycling teams of MERCATONE UNO, LAMPRE, BARLOWORD…we have been happy to lodge the great late MARCO PANTANI that is stated from us in 2001 in the room number 104 at the first floor of hotel.
Have stayed here for 4 days in 2009 in the last GIRO D’ ITALIA Damiano Cunego, Marzio Bruseghin and their colleagues of Team Lampre of that period and also Felix Cardenas and his colleagues of the South African Team Barloword.
Other italian celebrities, only for make a citation of some , have stayed our guests at the Park Hotel Perù: Piero Fanna a famous Italian footballer of Juventus Team in the 1980s and the ex MISS ITALIA Gloria Zanin in the 2002.
Often foreign journalists are accommodated in our hotel during the summer.

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